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Really dope place, very professional. Bobby knew exactly what I wanted as soon as I walked in.

Jamari Johnson

I’ve known Bobby “Harborboy” Bean for over 20 years. He is a personal friend, and I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with him on several occasions. His drive and determination set him apart from the rest. I believe he literally could do anything in life that he chose to do, but a lot of us were fortunate that he perused a path in music. He’s organized countless events and has played a major role in helping many artists, such as myself, in becoming instrumental in mastery, production, recording, and stage performances. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about taking their musical talents to the next level.

Mack Flores

I first met the the guys at Harbour studio back in 2015, when I still lived in Swindon, UK. They were building their second studio in Chicago, USA. At the time I was still new to the whole DIY thing and had just put out my first single. They got in touch with me and congratulated me on the release. Rob then introduced me to his crew and they have been supportive since day one.

They say “iron sharpens iron” and working with these guys has certainly helped me improve. The advice and kindness they have shared with me over the past few years is absolutely priceless. They are literally my family now, true brothers.

DrummerCyrus Coxswain

I first met Robert ( Bobby) thru a mutual musician acquaintance. I was looking for someone to produce my music and also a video to promote my band. Robert impressed me greatly with his passion and attention to detail, right down to the smallest concern. While getting to know him professionally I also learned about him as an individual. I was quite taken by his love and care for his family and how he balanced work and home life. You won’t find a better husband, father and businessman like Mr Robert Bean.

David Kirk

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